Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the wide range of products we offer in the sweet sector: our portfolio includes a rich variety of aromatic profiles, designed to satisfy all tastes, from the most traditional to the boldest.

We can support you in any application, from bars to cookies, from brownies to candies, from cereals to confetti, from ice creams to sorbets and semifreddos, from yogurt to milkshakes, and much more. We excel in producing flavours for leavened baked goods, croissants, tarts, products in puff pastry and shortcrust, jams, and dry or hydrated creams, as well as powdered preparations for hot beverages or desserts, fruit or milk-based semi-finished products, and flavored chocolates.

Please specify your product requirements and application and we will be able to create the most reliable and suitable products for you!

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