We are aware of the importance of offering flavours that elevate and contribute to creating extraordinary culinary experiences, we work with passion to enable to explore creative and distinctive combinations.

Our range of flavours for the savory segment is a statement of our commitment to being a successful partner with a comprehensive portfolio of both traditional and unconventional flavors for baked or fried products, plant-based, meat or fish-based or claimed to be rich in fibers or proteins.

We offer flavours for both healthy products and indulgent delicacies, ranging from seasonings to savory snacks like chips, peanuts, popcorn, crackers, bread or vegetable chips, as well as for traditional and exotic ready-to-eat dishes, sausages, marinades, breading, stuffed pastes, and sauces. Additionally, we are experts in producing flavours for flavored oils and vinegars, glazes, and balsamic sauces.

Please specify your product requirements and application and we will be able to create the most reliable and suitable products for you!

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